The North Face Triarch 3 Tent Review

The North Face Triarch 3

The North Face Triarch 3 Tent Review

There are a lot of people out there who are looking for a 5-star tent for their outdoor ventures. If you are a hiker like me, then you need a tent that will best work for you. And, if you are going for any outdoor activities with comrades or your small family, look no further than The North Face Triarch 3. I just love this tent not only because it is versatile in nature, but due to its incomparable features that users can enjoy at any given time. It is because of its versatility that makes it one of the highest rated and most loved tent. Perhaps, at a closer look, it revalorizes the technology used in manufacturing processes.

What makes The North Face Triarch 3 unique?

There are quite a number of things that make this tent unique; hence it elicits genius manufacturer designs. To begin with, I really liked the ample tabs that I could use to hang a number of things including headlamps, the drying lines were made of high quality material and the gear lofts could easily be used together with the tabs without causing much headache. The multiple fly configuration is something that I got excited about too and so breathability was never a problem all the time I'm out there in the wild. The mesh is colored, and this is one thing that made me enjoy improved privacy. If you have been in a tent that compromises your privacy, you know how it can get pretty uncomfortable.

The North Face Triarch 3

The high quality materials used to make the canopy fabric is nothing less than excellent. It is durable and you are guaranteed to use your tent for a good number of seasons without necessarily seeing any serious wear and tear. I can’t fail to mention the high quality gear loft that comes with The North Face Triarch 3, and so there is no single day that you will ever be worried about where and how to place your gear while camping. The unique architectural designs make it one of the simplest tents to pitch - of course you need to have some basics on how to best pitch tents. The good news is that if you purchase this tent, you’ll access a user manual that will make everything as easy as counting 123.

The North Face Triarch 3 Tent

Trail Weight

4 lbs 13 oz

Floor Area

39.7 sq ft

Sleeping Capacity


Vestibule Area

7.5 sq ft





Stuffsack Size

8" x 23"



Peak Height

47 in

Total Weight

5 lbs 4 oz

It is also equally important to note that with the use of this particular tent, you will always have more than enough space for 3 persons. You will never feel squeezed or have issues with breathability whatsoever. It is one of the best tents that offers users the benefits that come with vertical walls and dry entry, not to mention double doors and double vestibules - pros. This freestanding tent is also lightweight in nature, and I had no problem carrying it around. The North Face Triarch 3 is pretty light if compared with other tents that can accommodate three persons. Furthermore, with a large internal space, it becomes worth every single coin spent.

Additional things you should know 

As a hiker, I share the view that top quality tents will always have waterproof capabilities. This is a rule of thumb that should always be put into consideration when you are looking for versatile tents. In fact, this is one of the things that made me go for the The North Face Triarch 3, because of its silicone finishing. I would advise anyone who does not want to get soaked in rain to go for this material or anything in this line. If you make a mistake of not choosing a high utility tent, you might end up having a pretty nasty camping experience.

The downside

There are many good things that I have talked about this tent, but for several reasons I can’t but say that this tent is not perfect. For instance, the rain fly doesn’t just come low as I would like to. It is one of the reasons that got me worried when it was raining on the mountain. Nevertheless, nothing so terrifying happened and I was glad I made it through without any major problem.

Also, I have some of my colleagues mention that the tent could have less mesh - as more mesh means more weight. This is quite debatable and I believe that with the right body weight and energy, you wouldn’t find this tent to be a problem.

Some people have complained about the footprint not fitting the floor. I was glad that mine did fit, but not perfectly as there were some uncovered areas. All in all, it is a tent worth every single coin spent. I was looking forward to having a terrific time and I am glad I enjoyed every bit of hiking, including my colleagues that had accompanied me.

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