5 Tips for Using Trekking Poles Properly

5 Tips for Using Trekking Poles Properly

There are so many brands and models of trekking poles that you can buy and use for mountain climbing. These come in handy in regard to relieving back pain and strain on legs. At the same time, they offer you the necessary balance and workout. If you desire to finish a terrain much faster, these kinds of poles will offer you a great help. Furthermore, poles will help increase pace and posture so that you become quite confident as you hit track. Overall, they are a must-use for both the new and seasoned mountain climbers. 

5 important tips for using trekking poles properly

Height adjustment

It is vital for you to adjust trekking pole in order to get the best possible results in terms of functionality rate. If you are going to climb a steep mountain, you can use short length. If you are doing steeper downhills, experts have always recommended adjusting to longer lengths. As such, you will prevent any falls and also you will not strain at all.

Know how to use wrist straps

In most cases, trekking poles come with wrist straps that can help you if used properly. The problem is that most people have no idea on how to use them, and even sometimes neglect their very importance and end up regretting it. These straps are meant to support your weight if used properly, not to mention helps in balancing your steps on steep hill sides. It is also important to know how to use these straps in maintaining your grip.

Rhytmic swings of poles

If you have been thinking of using these trekking poles, you have to understand your body movements. Generally, as we walk, our hands and legs move rhythmical trying to balance the body weight so that we do not fall over. This also explains why the rhythmic swings of trekking poles must be mastered to take advantage of the balancing act that comes with body swings. In any case, lack of proper swings will lead to lack of balance and this can be pretty dangerous in mountain climbing.

Arms and placement

How you use poles has a direct impact on how you can benefit. It is highly recommended not to bend your elbow or place the poles in form while trekking. The best way to go about using these poles is by keeping the arm neutral (one holding the pole), and use your shoulders for forward movement. In this way, the pole will not only support your weight but also offer balance.


This is one thing that both seasoned and new hikers tend to overlook, not knowing that without the correct grip, you cannot enjoy high utility value these poles offer. In other words, a great grip will make any trekking venture worthwhile. Always take note that a soft grip is worthwhile in every sense, and do not hold the poles too tightly. In fact, you can take advantage of the straps that ensures that you maintain good contact with the pole at all times.

Additional tips

There are other elemental factors that you should always consider in regard to getting the best experience when you go trekking. While some of the factors seem trivial, they come in handy for all manner of mountain climbers. These include:

  • Using two trekking poles if the terrain you will be exploring is steep. If you decide this, then you will actually be able to enjoy the best possible results in the long run.
  • Always choose a trekking pole that is of high quality and choose a type that will serve you well. You can go for the flick-lock adjustable type, or opt for the twist lock types. If you are looking for a greater balance, better adjustability, and ease of use, the latter is a better option.
  • You can take advantage of the rule or scale setting that come with quality trekking poles. If you are looking for successful trekking ventures, make it a point to use these setting to enjoy every terrain you choose to trek.
  • Planting in rocky areas; it can be a little bit tricky to plant poles in rocky areas. Therefore, you need to be watchful to avoid tripping over or falling over. The best way to go about this process is to ensure that you have a good grip, avoid panicking, and remain focused on the path.

If you are looking for the best mountain climbing experience, do not hesitate to choose trekking poles that have multiple features. The poles should be of high quality and easy to use in different situations. Importantly, go for those with shock absorbers so that your grip is not compromised in any way.

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