Top 5 Best Backpacking Water Purifier

Top 5 Best Backpacking Water Purifier

Backpackers must have a water-purification system of some kind whenever they are out there. This is not only to ensure that they stay healthy during their outdoor ventures, but also to ensure that they are not dehydrated. It is equally important that you consider going for the best that the market offers, and of course choose water purifier that has a track-record of excellence. The good news is that there are many brands you can go for at any given time. However, before delving into the top choices, you need to choose water purifier based on the following factors:

Treatment time - this is essential because you might not have that much time before you get dehydrated-the faster the better!

Easy to clean and store - this is one thing that make care and maintenance as easy as counting 123.

Affordability - there quite a number of water purifiers out there that won’t cost you a fortune.

Weight - your ideal choice should be lightweight in nature and offer flexibility in regard to filtration processes.

Ease of use - this is the kind that will not need you deal with so complex processes just to get your water filtered, fast.

The above mentioned points will definitely help you get a high quality water purifier in a very short time. Nevertheless, make it a point to consider effectiveness, amount of water that can be treated at any given time, and the filter medium. Having said this, here are some of top choices that you should have in mind whenever choosing water purifier as a backpacker. Importantly, these brands and models are highly rated because of the versatility they offer users.

5 Best Backpacking Water Purifier

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

This is one of the water filtration systems that suits all manner of outdoor ventures, including but not limited to hiking, international travel, as well as emergency preparedness. It is articulately designed to offer high functionality rate with excellent features that can stand the test of time. It does not only weighs 2 ounces, but also includes a high quality fiber membrane for easy filtration processes.

You can take advantage of disposable water bottles, drinking pouch, drinking straw, and a versatile cleaning plunger. If you are worried about pathogenic elements while out in the wild, you can be rest assured that this system will eliminate at least 99.99 of germs including protozoa, salmonellas, and just any water-based germs.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw water filter is indisputably a top choice, has internationally acclaimed as one of the most reliable, and since its debut way back in 20005, millions of people across the globe have found quite helpful. It comes with versatile features, and is also pretty easy to use. It is capable of eliminating any water-based pathogenic element with ease including protozoa. It has the capability of filtering a whopping 1,000 liters without the need of chlorine, iodine, or any kind of chemicals that can prove to be harmful to your health.

The better part of it all is that LifeStraw personal water filter surpasses the international standards set. For this reason, your drinking water shall always be safe irrespective of region, country, or place you’re traveling-a great choice for all backpackers! Of course you get this filter in bag so you will never have any problem in regard to storage or anything of the kind.

Etekcity Portable Water Filter Straw Purifier

Etekcity portable 1500L water filter is one of a kind that you can purchase in most, if not all, reliable stores that sell these products. This is not only because of the unique features that this product offers, but its unique ability to get rid of harmful water elements. It incorporates 3-stage advanced water filtration process that guarantees excellent results, not to mention elimination of heavy metal and volatile organic compounds.

Furthermore, it meets international standards and comes with accessories including; water pouch, a long straw that can easily be attached to the systems filter, and a reliable syringe that makes cleaning the entire system easier. Just as the name suggests, you can have your 1500 liters of water without compromising on quality. Last but not least, apart from backpacking, this water filter can also be used in cases of disaster preparedness.

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter

This is one of the versatile water filters that you can come across on the market today, and guarantees positive results when used correctly. To begin with, the carbon/ceramic materials used in the manufacturing process of the water filter ensures water is safe for drinking, and also is taste free. It is designed to get rid of protozoa, particulate, bad chemicals, and other elements that can harm your body.

If you are in an area that has a problem with pesticides, you need not to worry because this filter will for sure eliminate anything related to this kind of chemicals. The filtration speed is quite high (1 liter in 60 seconds) making it ideal for those who don’t water to spend eternity just to have their water clean. In fact, unlike other water filters, you don’t need any tools to keep this water filter clean. If you worry about cleaning processes so much, then definitely this one is your right choice.

UPD Survival Water Purifier Straw

It has been proven that UPD Survival Water Purifier straw can always help you get the best results in time of emergencies, fast. You’ll never waste your time to get clean water, and this one of the reasons why it is highly recommended for backpackers, hikers, and any outdoor enthusiast.

As a matter of fact, the 8-stage filtration process is something that you can always depend on for high quality water. This water filter also comes with an added pipe extension, of which is ideal for drinking from multiple sources. And, its compact design and light weight nature (1.80z) makes it easy for users to carry it around. Lastly, the carabiner clip ensures that the filter is not lost while you are out there venturing into the wild areas.


The above water purifiers are not only of high quality, but meet the accepted international standards. There are easy to use and clean, not to mention they include features that make them stand out. If you are a backpacker who doesn’t compromise on your health, these water filters will help you a great deal.