Why Trail Running is Better than Road Running

Why Trail Running is Better Than Road Running

Running is a traditional sport that is described as the most popular sport in the whole world. These days, running isn’t just a sport for competitive races. It’s called a hobby, a healthy lifestyle, a relaxing activity or a tool for mindset control. Basically it doesn’t matter how you name it, because without you realizing, running takes a big part of our life. We run when we’re late, run when we want to lose some extra pounds or run when we are in front of a danger.

There are lots of people who are taking running as a serious hobby and enjoying it. It really doesn’t matter that you are slow or easily get tired, because you aren’t participating in race and you’re running for yourself. For winning over yourself. And it’s okay to take your time and run as much as you can. You don’t have to be afraid of trying different running styles because it’s recommended to find out which running style is the most suitable for you.

There are so many different types of running like track running (it’s included in regular physical education class at school), road running and trail running. In this article we are going to focus on a trail and road running types.

Trail Running vs. Road Running

Road Running

It’s easy to guess that road running or street running refers to a running on the solid ground like asphalt. This type of running is more likeable by beginners because it’s easy to maintain balance and it’s convenient for day-to-day runs especially when you want to include it in your daily sports routine after/before work or school. So basically road running is a short street run.

Trail Running

This type of running is totally opposite of road running and a little bit more challenging not only for beginners, but also for advanced runners. Trail running means that you’ll be running on the soft ground like mud, grass, soil or dirt and it’ll be hard to keep your balance. For this type of run, people choose remote places like woods, mountains or countryside. It’s not very suitable for day-to-day runs, but it lets you enjoy scenic views while running.

Nowadays, trail running is getting more and more popular between beginners and advanced runners. Actually, people argue that trail running is better than simple road running. Well, they aren’t really wrong. Health specialists recognized trail running as the healthiest type of running.

Benefits of Trail Running

It is said that trail running doesn’t have a negative impact to your joints because of running on a soft ground. So if you’re thinking of running for several hours, trail running is the best option. Also, it’s confirmed that trail running improves the performance of your brain because it takes you to nature where you can relax and empty your mind. It is proved that nature is very essential to your mental health, so escaping from noisy city and running in the fresh air are advantages of trail running.

If you aren’t convinced by those two reasons, let’s see other advantages of trail running. Most of people state that running on the trails feels like a little journey because while running, you can see amazing scenic views, animals, various trees and flowers, sometimes mountains, lakes and rivers. It’s amazing thing because you discover a lot of new things. These things make you relaxed, calm and happy, so running starts to seem more enjoyable than it was before. You may ask what to do with your daily workout that includes running as a main sport. Don’t worry. For that, we have another trail running advantage. It was already mentioned that trail running is more challenging than road running. Since it’s more challenging, several hours on trail can be replaced by daily road running. While running on a trail, you get to meet some obstacles as rocks, valleys or difficult to pass paths. These obstacles make your muscles to work more and the strain becomes equal to your day-to-day road running routine. So actually, with trail running you become more fit than with road running.

These are the main reasons why trail running is better than road running. Maybe at first, road running seems easier and more convenient, but you don’t have to be afraid of trying something unusual and new. Taking everything into account, trail running is a nice start if you want to challenge yourself and make your body and mind healthier. Nature is beautiful, don’t stay in the city and run on the trail!

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