5 Trainings You Can Do in the City Before Your First Hike

5 Training You Can Do in the City Before Your First Hike

It is important for you to prepare adequately prior to your first hike in order to avoid any mishap. While this can be helpful, finding the correct training can be a daunting task. However, this shouldn’t worry you any more as this guide looks into the finer details of the do’s and don’ts. Furthermore, it explains the best way to prepare physically for the challenges that lay ahead. Having said this, take note that what is written here is only but to give you a pathway to an exceptional experience as a hiker.

Training you can do before your first hike


This is one of the most elemental training that will offer you innumerable benefits, especially if you get everything right. Remember, in the city, you will not necessarily have the mountainous terrain to practice and so this one comes as a better option. What you need to focus on is how to improve oxygen demands that comes with hiking and is directly related to aerobic metabolism. At the end of the day, you will be able to build cardiovascular system that helps in the processing of limited oxygen in quite an efficient way.

Strength training

If you are thinking of hiking for the first time, then definitely you must develop your strength. In this case, consider doing exercises with an aim of developing core and probably the upper body. Also, you can go for strength training for the legs as this comes in handy in regard to going up the mountain. There are several exercises that can help you achieve this specific objective. These include, but not limited to; doing squats, lunges, reverse-leg curls, and step aerobics. You can also do shoulder presses, shoulder flies, sit-ups, and kettle-bell swings.

Downhill muscle development

It doesn’t matter where you choose to go for your hiking activities, as the basics and challenges always remain pretty the same. If you are thinking of training specifically for downhill, it is imperative to go for exercises that offer much resistance and develop muscle strength. As a first timer, you can incorporate backward walking in your exercises, as well as do repeats on stairs in your home, stadium, or anywhere you feel convenient. Experts have always recommended quadriceps strength building exercises that have a bigger impact on the main body muscles. And as such, you will be able to climb the most difficult and challenging mountain trails.

Uphill mountain training

It is common knowledge that while climbing mountains, there are specific factors that come into play for better forward movements. In other words, specific muscles come at work while going up the mountains. It doesn’t matter whether there is a mountain near your home or not. With training of posterior muscles, you are able to traverse the most challenging of trails in the world. In short, you are advised to use exercises that will strengthen the hips, lower back, calves, gluteals, and others that are closely related. If you desire to achieve this faster while living in a flatland area, then make revolving steep-mill exercise a top priority.

Mental training

There are some things that will always favor you in one way or another in regard to mountain climbing preparations. If mental training is anything to go by, then training for perseverance is something that can never be overlooked. In the city, see to it to train for perseverance especially if you will be climbing a high mountain. The best way to develop such kind of mental reserves is to participate in half marathons that can take even 5 hours, or go for very long walks. However, if you are going to hike on small mountains, you can exercise for few hours and still develop the mental strength needed.

In all training exercises you choose to do, try to be objective and have achievable goals. This should be a hobby and not something that you feel you are forced to do. Further, the terrain you are going to climb will determine the types of exercises that will help you. As a word of advice, ensure that you are medically fit before going for mountain climbing lest you get struck by illness at the worst of attitudes.

It is highly recommended to purchase good gear if you are going for mountain climbing for the very first time. In fact, ensure that you are acquainted with the necessary tools and equipment. If you will be using poles of any kind, then make it a point to know how to use them both downhill and uphill. Last but not least, study the terrain and take note of the busy trails. This is one thing that will not only make your venture exciting but quite successful. All in all, after your first hike, then you will always want to go and explore other areas with more complex terrains.

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