I’ve Found True Friends in the Mountains

Ive Found True Friends in the Mountains

Since elementary up to college, I am a loner type of person – an introvert. I don’t have much friends and I rarely talk to my classmates. As I can remember, I only had three friends in elementary, two in high school and one in college. See, I can easily count them in my hands! That’s the reason why I didn’t enjoy my student life as much as others do.

The sad thing came after the school years, I lost communication to those few friends of mine. We became busy with our own studies and careers and they’ve found their new circle of friends. My life is full of loneliness. I don’t have anyone to tell my secrets, burdens, and achievements. There’s no one to comfort me when I’m down. I’m longing for a friend.

When I worked in Jollibee, Geenwich, and BPO companies, I never experience to have even just one true friend. I only go to work just for the sake of having work and nothing more. I didn’t go with my co-workers and officemates if they have drinking and jamming sessions because I will just end up being out-of-place. I’d rather be alone than having lots of fake friends.

There are people whom I gave my whole trust, but they took advantage of my kindness to them. I lend them my money even if there’s nothing left on my pocket. They just keep on borrowing and they are not paying back. There was a time when I badly needed the money and I asked them to pay, but they just abandoned our friendship. Since then, I just chose to be alone always.

Ive Found True Friends in the Mountains

Some people said that the problem is within me. I admit that I don’t feel like socializing, I hate going to parties, I hate a noisy ambiance, I hate to be with the crowd, I hate drinking sessions. But this is me. They said that I’m boring so they don’t want to be with me. I can’t blame myself for being who I am because this is the life that I adapted from the orphanage where I grew up.

All of this has changed since I started climbing mountains. I learned how to socialize and I gained friends. Not just ordinary friends but I’ve found true friends in the mountains. Some of them are now godparents of my beloved son Wyatt Maktrav. Since then, I started to give my trust and smile again. Those people make me start to live a happy and worthwhile life.

For me, having true friends beside me is a great achievement. I am no longer a loner and I owe this to the mountains. Actually, I also consider the mountain as one of the true friends I have right now. When I’m at the mountain top, I feel the comfort coming from the nature and it gives me a peace of mind. It makes me forget my problems and it also gives me the courage to go on when I feel so down.

I’ve found true friends in the mountains. How about you?

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