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My name is Wyatt Maktrav

I am a nomad since birth and my goal is to become the youngest person to visit all the countries in the world!

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Wyatt Maktrav Filipino Traveler

You might be wondering what's with the name. Well, my parents are both hikers and they used to bring me to the mountains since I was 8 months old.

"Maktrav" is derived from "Mt. Makiling Traverse" which is one of the mountains in the Philippines. "Wyatt" means brave and strong. That resonates with me because I'm a miracle baby.

I was four years old during my first out-of-the-country trip. One time, I saw the Guinness World record for the youngest person to travel to all sovereign countries in the world at the age of 21. I was like, I think I can break that record! I told Nanay (my mom) about it and she said we can do it.

My Favorites!


This is hard to answer because I have many favorite countries. But basically, I like cold countries.

Food and Drinks

I love the gofry in Poland, laffa bread in Israel, orange juice in Senegal, and apple black tea in Switzerland.


I'm allergic to heat so my favorite season is WINTER! I really cannot enjoy the country if it's hot. 


The colors of nature! My top one used to be green but my current favorite color is brown. It changes!


I've got cats and rabbit. I like many animals because they are cute. But I really want to see a red panda in real life!


I spend most of my time drawing and making animations. I also make my own games.

Memorable Travel Experiences

Most Adventurous

Location: Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest mountain

I was just turning 7 years old when we went on a hike to the top of the mighty Fuji-san. We hiked for 2 days and the weather changes rapidly from sunny to rainy to stormy. Despite that, we safely reached the top of Mt. Fuji. However, I still have an unfinished business here. I saw a trail map around the crater but we didn't have enough time so we weren't able to go around it. I still have to convince my mom to go back here. Maybe she's too tired.


Location: Bascarsija Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Look! This area has so many pigeons. We were just casually walking there and to my surprise, this cute pigeon went on top of my head! It's so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. It didn't want to go away and stayed on my head for quite a while. Good thing I have my jacket's hood on. I called my mom so she can chase it away. 


Location: Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Iceland

We were just taking photos on this spot when a huge wave came suddenly. My mom and I got into the very cold water. Our overall clothes including the jackets got wet. We didn't have spare clothes in the car because we left them on our accommodation. The sad thing? No one ever bothered to help us get out of the water despite seeing us having a hard time. My mom did her best to drag me out. She knocked on every campervan at the parking lot to ask for help. Thankfully, one of them gave us a towel. 

Most Stressful

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

We took a night bus from Riga Latvia to Kaunas Lithuania. My mom left our backpack containing two laptops and one ipad on the bus. We didn't realize it until we reached the hotel. It was over half an hour already since we went down the bus so how on earth could we get it back? My mom called the Bolt driver who brought us to the hotel and asked for help so we can chase the bus all the way to the next bus stop which is already in Suwalki Poland! The driver agreed for 400 Euro and we were able to catch the bus and got our valuables.

Most Disappointing

Location: Disneyland Paris, France

This was my second time in Disneyland Paris. We weren't able to see the fireworks on our first visit so I was excited to go back. Unfortunately, at around 5pm, they announced that the parade was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We just enjoyed the rides and were still looking forward to seeing the fireworks at 11pm. However, around 10:40pm, they announced that the fireworks show was also cancelled. The crowd started shouting "boo!" and a lot of people got sad. We found out that the reason was because the employees were having a protest to have a wage increase.

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